The York Regional Police Recognition Stone

On Friday, November 4, 2011, York Regional Police, with the support of the Police Appreciation Night Dinner Committee, proudly unveiled a Recognition Stone honouring the brave men and women of the Canadian Forces who have served their country both past and present.

The stone is located on the grounds of #3 District  Headquarters, at 3527 Baseline Road in the Town of Georgina. 

This recognition stone is available for members of the Canadian Forces, their families, friends, loved ones and to members of the general public who are invited to stop by anytime to pay tribute to those that fought or are fighting for our freedom.

We Proudly Support our Veterans

York Regional Police is proud to participate in Remembrance Day Services across York Region in honour of the great sacrifice and dedicated service of our local veterans.

Remembrance Day is celebrated in many countries across the world and is also known as Poppy Day, Veterans Day and Armistice Day. It is observed on November 11 as it signifies the date that marked the end of World War I in 1918.

It is a day Canadians commemorate and honour the sacrifice of those who served in World War I, World War II, and the Korean War, veterans of the Canadian Forces and serving Canadian Forces members, nursing and transport personnel, clergy who cared for veterans, civilians who served in support of the military and all Canadians who supported war efforts on the home front.


The Remembrance Project

Canadian Forces logo

In 2009, we introduced the Remembrance Project to honour veterans in York Region. We have asked them to tell us about their lives and sacrifices in the service, so that we may share these stories with the citizens of York Region. Listed below are the four branches of the Canadian Military and Canadian Peacekeepers, as well as a comprehensive list of the many cenotaphs in York Region. Please follow the links below to read about their lives and the hardships they faced in defense of our country.

The Remembrance Project will continue to grow as more veterans make York Region their home. If you or a family member are a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces or Canadian Peacekeepers and would like to contribute to the Rememberance Project, or if you have a message you'd like to pass along to one of our profiled veterans, please contact Media Relations Sergeant Gary Phillips at 1-866-876-5423 ext. 7629, or send an e-mail to



1939 to 1945

Canadian Army

Melville Thomas
Lloyd Crate
Eleanor Thomson
Alf Neely

Royal Canadian Air Force

Art Gault
Peggy Strange
Len Wrightman 

Royal Canadian Regiment

 Roland Robinson 

Royal Canadian Navy

Donald Dempsey
Clay Stones
Les Pengelly

Royal British Navy

Ed Beniston

Royal Air Force

Graham Kennedy
John Thompson


1950 to 1953

 Ted "Doc" Kearn, Royal Navy and Canadian Navy


1947 to 1991

Royal Canadian Navy

John McCracken
Raymond Middleton


1993 to 1996

 Ian Sweet, Canadian UN Peacekeeper



 Mike Lacroix, Canadian Forces



   York Region Cenotaphs photo

Cenotaphs of York Region

Veterans' Week 2009 Photo Album






Canadian Military History Podcast

Canadian Military History PodcastYork Regional Police Constable Mike Lacroix regularly records a Canadian Military History Podcast dedicated to sharing veterans' stories in their own words.

For more information, or to hear Constable Lacroix's podcast, visit the Canadian Military History Podcast website by clicking this link.