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FAQ - Crime Prevention Map

Why does York Regional Police Crime Prevention Maps to the public?

The purpose of the map is to inform citizens. The crime mapping gives residents the tools to take an active role in crime prevention. It's a way to mobilize our community so they can act as our partners in fighting crime and building safer communities.

This system allows real-time reporting which is consistent with our organizational value of accountability. We are proud to be a transparent organization and believe involving the community benefits us all.

Are all crimes included in the map?
The map only shows locations were police reports were filed. Additionally, certain crimes are excluded for privacy and investigative reasons. The crimes included are ones where the community can take an active role in prevention. 
What types of crimes are mapped?

The data represented on the map includes, but is not limited to, proactive policing efforts, crime prevention initiatives, break and enter, theft, theft of vehicle, theft from vehicle, homicide, robbery, assault, sex offences, arson, missing persons, weapons offences, traffic enforcement, liquor and drug offences.

There seems to be a high level of crime in a particular area, should I be concerned?

The map will sometimes indicate where an incident was reported versus where the incident occurred. For example, a large number of police reports are filed at police stations and our collision reporting centres. If you are concerned contact your local District Headquarters and ask to speak to the Crime Prevention Officer.

Why are addresses listed in hundred blocks rather than the specific address?
For the sake of victim privacy, all addresses have been rounded to the block level. 
What can I do to help prevent crime?
You can take note of crime trends in your area and ensure you take appropriate steps to protect yourself and your property. We encourage you to mobilize members of your community in crime prevention initiatives, such as starting a Neighbourhood Watch program. 
How do I start a Neighbourhood Watch program? 
To start a Neighbourhood Watch program please visit and click on Neighbourhood Watch in the crime prevention section of the website. You will be asked to provide some information and to email it to Your email will be directed to the local crime prevention officer in your area and you will be contacted and provided with a start-up information package.   
There are a lot of flags in my neighbourhood; does that mean my area has a lot of crime? 

Highly-populated areas or areas with a high-volume of foot traffic (i.e. shopping areas, entertainment facilities, schools, parks, main roads, etc.) may have more reported incidents. This does not necessarily mean that there is a disproportionate amount of crime in these areas. If you are concerned about the level of crime in your area, we encourage you to call your local District Headquarters and ask to speak to the Crime Prevention Officer.

Should I be concerned that the crime mapping will have an effect on real estate values? 

No area is immune to crime regardless of what area you live in. The purpose of this map is simply to inform and engage our residents in taking an active role in crime prevention. The system is designed to provide citizens with an overview of police activity as opposed to a detailed and comprehensive account of it.

I have information about a crime that I see on the map. What should I do? 

Information provided within and the York Regional Police crime prevention map is intended for the expressed purpose of educating the public on police activity in York Region. Anyone with information about any crime should alert police, either personally or anonymously by clicking on the Submit a Tip button located in each crime bubble, by calling their local District Headquarters, or contacting Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS, leave an anonymous tip online at, or text your tip to CRIMES (274637) starting with the word YORK.

Is this information available in multiple languages? 

Our crime prevention materials, like door hangers and safety tip sheets, are available in other languages upon request, but unfortunately the application comes from a US-based company which does not offer multilingual information. If you need assistance with translating any York Regional Police information, please contact the Crime Prevention Officer at your local District Headquarters and they will provide assistance.

How often is the data updated? data is updated automatically once per day and contains the most recent 30 days of data online. 
Why is sex offender not data showing? 

Information contained in the National and Provincial Sex Offender Registries is confidential. We are prohibited by law from releasing such information. 

If sex offender information is prohibited from being displayed, why does it appear checked off in the CrimeReports incident layers?

CrimeReports is a U.S.-based company and the inclusion of sex offenders is a standard part of the software; however in Canada police services are not permitted to release this information.

How can I receive information automatically?

Any member of the public can sign up to Receive Crime Alerts! This additional service is free and provides customized reports via email to any subscriber. Having a well-informed community is effective in reducing crime.

I'm the victim of a crime. Can I request that a crime be removed from the map?
York Regional Police would consider removing a crime from the map under certain circumstances. Contact the officer investigating your incident for more information. 
I believe there is an error on the map. 

See the common reasons for mapping errors at link below.


What do the proactive policing flags represent?

Proactive policing flags may appear as a result of a crime prevention initiative we are running in the community, a vehicle stop or a pedestrian stop (street check). These flags represent our proactive policing efforts as opposed to the reactive response to a call.

The York Regional Police has many crime prevention programs and we run crime prevention initiatives year-round. For more information, please visit and see the Crime Prevention list on the home page.

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