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The Other Side

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A female teenager's face is on a split screen with one side bruised

Sex trafficking isn't always what people think. There is another side.

In many cases, women and young girls involved in prostitution are forced into the sex trade through violence, threats of violence, coercion and trickery. York Regional Police considers these women and girls to be victims of crime and we are committed to investigating all incidents relating to human trafficking and providing assistance to victims.

Are you a victim? We can help.

If you need help immediately, call 9-1-1. To speak directly with a member of the Human Trafficking Team, who is trained and experienced in dealing with sex trafficking, call 1-866-876-5423. 

What is the other side of the sex industry?

Victims frequently meet someone who promises to protect and care for them. They are told about an easy way to make money. He/she makes it sound safe and glamorous and assures them they won't have to do anything they don't want to do.

Then things begin to change.

Eventually, victims are controlled and unable to go where they want, see who they want and talk to who they want. They may be forced to trade sex for money, food, drugs or a place to stay. They may also be forced to pay protection money or provide a certain number of sexual services to strangers per day.

Victims are abused emotionally, physically and sexually, sold or traded for drug debt or money. They are made to feel worthless and told that each assault or rape will be the last.

But it never is.

Victims sometimes come to believe that no one, not even the police can help them. If you are a victim, know that you have a right to be safe and respected. We can help you find a way out.

The reality of the sex trade is not shown on TV or in movies. It isn't glamorous and it isn't always a choice. The other side is hidden but it is out there in our community. Victims are from right here in our community. They are our neighbours, our sisters, our friends. 

Are you a victim? Do you know a victim? Contact us immediately.

If you are a victim or think you know someone who is, please call:

York Regional Police Human Trafficking Team