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Emergency? Call 9-1-1

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What To Do if You're in a Collision

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Officer reviewing vehicle damage

Try to stay calm and follow these important steps:

  • Call 9-1-1 immediately if someone is injured
  • Do not leave the scene. Failing to remain at the scene is an offence that could cost you up to $2,000 and seven demerit points
  • If you can, check on the well-being of other motorists involved
  • Determine if it is necessary to have police attend the scene
  • If police are not needed, swap information with other drivers and any witnesses. Gather names, addresses, home and business phone numbers, vehicle information and insurance details
  • If it is safe to do so, move the vehicles off the roadway. If the vehicle can't be moved, call police and await instruction
  • Ensure you're carrying all your important documents: driver's licence, insurance and ownership
  • If police attend, ask for the officer's name, badge number and the incident number
  • Have a plan already in place in the event you are involved in a collision
  • Understand that it is you, the vehicle owner, who must decide which tow truck operator to hire, not the tow that arrives first or the police

  •  Hiring a towing service is no different than hiring someone to perform repairs to your home or car. Before agreeing to hire a tow truck operator, ensure you both agree on what services are required and what the cost of those services will be

  • Ensure there is agreement on where the vehicle will be towed

  •  Ask for an estimate in writing.  A price written on the back of a business card or invoice may be of assistance later on should the costs become an issue

  • Do not authorize any tow truck to hook up to your vehicle until you have hired its towing services