Media Relations Officers

The York Regional Police Media Relations Officers are the public voice of York Regional Police. In 2012, we issued more than 600 media releases on subjects ranging from police activity to crime prevention and personal safety messaging. Our team also attends community events and the scenes of major incidents to liaise with the media and ensure our citizens receive accurate and timely information. Our Media Relations Officers also work in conjunction with the Corporate Communications team to manage our presence on social media.

Please feel free to contact us for media-related inquireis at 1-866-876-5423 ext. 2664.

For after-hours inquiries, please contact the Duty Inspector at 1-866-876-5423 ext. 7072.

Media Relations Contacts:


Constable Andy Pattenden
1-866-8-POLICE (1-866-876-5423)
ext. 7099

Constable Laura Nicolle
1-866-8-POLICE (1-866-876-5423) ext. 7923

For after hours media inquiries please contact the Duty Inspector's Office at 1-866-8-POLICE (1-866-876-5423) x 7072