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Security Camera Registry

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Partner with us in community safety

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The new Security Camera Registry gives members of the community the option to let York Regional Police know they have installed residential or commercial security cameras which may assist police if a crime
occurs later in that area.

Why should I register my cameras?

When police investigate a crime, officers often canvass neighbourhoods or plazas for security camera footage that may have captured images of suspects or criminal
activity. This is a lengthy process requiring time and resources.

When you register your cameras, officers can see who in the area may have captured footage and can ask them directly for help. In an investigation where every second counts, this proactive step could be crucial in helping to solve a case, make an arrest, recover property, or even save a life.  Helpful details when registering include camera locations, direction, video retention times and the capability of sharing footage. 

The registry does not grant police direct access to your cameras--officers must still seek permission to view and use footage.

We need your help. Sign up for the Security Camera Registry today. 

Register your cameras

Unregister your cameras

If you previously registered security cameras with York Regional Police, you may unregister your cameras here by providing your email address. Once you receive an email response, please follow the instructions provided to unregister.

Frequently asked questions

Will information about my address or cameras be shared publically?

No. Any information collected from registrants will remain confidential. Addresses are plotted on a map used by police to identify cameras that may have captured activity pertinent to a criminal investigation. The map is not made available publically.

Does registering allow police to monitor my security cameras?

No. The registry is simply a database of residential or commercial addresses at which security cameras are located. Officers must still seek permission to use security footage as evidence in an investigation.

Will police be contacting me often after I register? 
Registrants will receive an email once each year in order to confirm that registration information remains accurate. Police will only request footage from your registered security camera if it might help officers conducting an investigation.
How do I remove my cameras from the registry?

If you previously registered security cameras with York Regional Police and wish to remove them from the registry, you may unregister your cameras here by providing your email address. Once you receive an email response, please follow the instructions provided to unregister.

If you are a new owner/tenant of a residence or business at which cameras were previously registered and wish to unregister those cameras, please send an email to with the subject line "Security Camera - Unregister". In the email, include the complete address of the residence or business at which the cameras are registered, along with proof of valid government identification.