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Credit Card Tips for Merchants

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Stack of credit cards

With micro-chipped credit cards, more and more business owners need to take orders without seeing the actual card, resulting in police services seeing "card not present" transaction frauds (ordered by email, phone or fax). The result - fraudsters are using stolen or fraudulent credit card numbers and the company is stuck with the loss. Take some time to protect yourself.

  • Take a few extra steps to validate the information. Don't accept orders with incomplete info and perform a reverse check on phone numbers and addresses
  • Watch for different "Bill To" and "Ship To" addresses, or if the buyer sends someone to pick up the order
  • If the purchaser attempts to use more than one card, as the transactions are declined, this is a huge red flag. It's a sign that they're going through a list until a good one is found
  • Double check on orders coming from free email services (,, as it's easy for scammers to open fake accounts and order using fraudulent credit cards. Request additional information you can verify.
  • Be wary of orders that are larger than your typical amount or next day delivery. Fraudsters don't care what it costs, as they aren't going to pay for it anyway.
  • Pay extra attention to international orders. Try to validate the order before you ship and don't ship at all if the billing and shipping addresses aren't the same.
  • Consider using software or services to combat online credit card fraud
  • If you are scammed, contact your merchant provider immediately. The provider will be able to contact the bank, who in turn can contact the cardholder. Contact your own bank and the police to report the fraud.
  • Don't assume a phone number is valid just because someone answers. Disposable cellphones are inexpensive so take the time to verify additional information.
  • Obtain ID from people who pick up any orders. Copy driver's licences and record licence plates.
  • Don't count on using a courier service to protect you from a fraud. Some companies no longer require a signature so packages are often left in lobbies and on doorsteps.