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Internal Theft

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Internal theft can also be a problem for businesses. Here are some types of internal thefts:

  • Merchandise theft - Merchandise is stolen from the store
  • Cash theft - Cash is stolen directly from the register
  • Free-bagging theft - A cashier bags up merchandise but fails to charge the customer
  • Under-ringing theft - Unauthorized marking-down of merchandise
  • Aiding shoplifters - Failing to report shoplifting or actively assisting shoplifters
  • Refund theft - Creating a false refund receipt and taking the cash
  • Employee discount abuse - Offering the employee discount to friends or family

Following these tips can make your business safer:

  • Ensure you do frequent, thorough inventory audits
  • Ensure some of those inventory checks are random and unexpected
  • Have all potential employees fill out a detailed application and check references
  • Ensure your accounting system has appropriate checks and balances involving more than one employee
  • Watch for unexplained stock shortages
  • Check trash bins
  • Be concerned about employees who are reluctant to take vacations or promotions
  • See if business patterns change when a certain employee is absent
  • Watch for employees who are uncomfortable or defensive answering routine questions about procedures
  • Involve your employees in crime prevention measures