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Human Trafficking

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If you are in immediate danger, call 9-1-1 immediately.

Have you met someone who:

  • Promised to protect you and care for you?
  • Told you about an easy way to make money?
  • Made it sound safe and glamorous?
  • Hurt you? Beat you? Raped you? Threatened you?
  • Sold or traded you for a drug debt or for money?
  • Tell you he or she loves you and it will be the last time...only to do it again and again?
  • Tell you no one will help you because you are in the sex trade?
  • Promised you wouldn't have to do anything you didn't want to?

After a while, did things change? Does this person now:

  • Control where you go, who you see, who you are allowed to talk to?
  • Force you to trade sex for money/food/drugs/a place to stay?
  • Force you to meet quotas or pay him protection money?
  • Moved you to another city?
  • Taken your money?
  • Told you that you owe him and you can't leave until you pay up?
  • Called you names? Made you feel worthless?

Do you feel scared, alone, confused and in need of someone you can trust? You have a right to be safe and respected. We can help you find a way out.

What is human trafficking?

Human trafficking is the exploitation, manipulation or control of a person (usually a female) by violence or threats of violence to provide a sexual service or forced labour. Human trafficking is not the same as human smuggling.

Do you know a victim of human trafficking?

You can help put an end to human trafficking. Help identify victims by knowing the signs. Victims may:

  • Be unable to present identity documents
  • Have no cell phone
  • Lack access to their own money and resources
  • Work excessively long hours with no or few days off
  • Not go out unaccompanied
  • Be branded with tattoos of the trafficker's name
  • Exhibit signs of chronic fear, guilt, shame, distrust of authority and the inability to make decisions
  • Have bruises and other signs of physical abuse

Victims are alone, isolated and are trapped in a life of exploitation. They have no means to return home or any means to survive. The victim remains dependent on the trafficker for survival and believes the only way she can make money is through prostitution.

Contact Us

In an emergency call 9-1-1. To reach a member of the Human Trafficking Team directly, contact 1-866-876-5423 ext. 6800 or email

Remember, all calls are confidential.