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Is York Regional Police currently hiring?
We are actively recruiting for the current year. Applications will be kept on file for one year from the date the application has been received. Visit the York Regional Police Careers Portal to all current uniform career opportunities.
Do I get paid while training?
Yes, you will receive a Cadet-in-Training salary.
How long is the training period?
  • Level 1 Training: Five weeks at the York Regional Police Training and Education facility
  • Level 2 Training: 12 to 13 weeks (60 training days) at the Ontario Police College in Aylmer, Ontario
  • Level 3 Training: Five weeks at the York Regional Police Training and Education facility
  • Level 4 Training: Cadets-in-Training are sworn in as Fourth Class Constables and assigned to a platoon at one of the five York Regional Police districts. Once at their assigned district, each new officer will be required to undergo an intensive training period with qualified coach officers. This training period will include an average of 60 12-hour shifts.
How do I become a First Class Constable?

New constables will be reclassified on an annual basis for the first three years, subject to performance reviews.

When a member who attends the Ontario Police College Basic Constable training program obtains an overall grade average of 85 per cent and passes all required academic and practical components, including defensive tactics, firearms, police vehicle operations and physical fitness, without the need for remedial training, they are eligible for an advance of two months towards their next reclassification.

Can I apply for specialized units?
Most postings for specialized units within York Regional Police are filled through open competition. The minimum requirement for specialized units is usually at least one year of experience at the First-Class Constable level.
Will my military experience help?
York Regional Police values the contributions made by the brave members of the Canadian Forces. While specialized military training may prove valuable once an applicant is hired with York Regional Police, the selection process remains the same for every applicant regardless of military service.
How long is the recruiting process?
Once an applicant has passed the interview process, the file will normally be processed during a two to 12-week period. Successful candidates may then be extended a conditional offer of employment for the next available recruit class at the Ontario Police College. The Uniform Recruiting Unit actively recruits potential candidates to fill new recruit classes three times each year. Typically, recruit classes begin in April, August and December.
How many times can I apply?

Resumes are kept on file for one year from the date of application, so there is no need to reapply within that time frame. Candidates who have previously entered our interview process and have been unsuccessful may reapply after the prescribed waiting period. Applicants are free to apply for available positions within York Regional Police.

Applicants are expected to continue enhancing their level of competitiveness with each new application attempt. Recruiting officers are trained to seek out those applicants who display a demonstrated commitment to self-improvement, continuing education and community service involvement.

I am a member of a diverse community. Do I get special consideration?
York Regional Police proudly welcomes applications from members of any community and is committed to ensuring that our police officers are reflective of the communities in which they serve. All applicants must meet the same standards and be as competitive as all others. 
I am a woman. Do I get special consideration?
York Regional Police encourages female candidates to apply. All applicants must meet the same standards and be as competitive as all others.
What does the selection process involve?
See the selection process for police constables.
What can I expect if I reach the psychological evaluation stage of constable selection?
An applicant who reaches the background investigation stage of selection will be required to undergo a psychological evaluation with a qualified psychologist. The candidate will be invited to attend the Uniform Recruiting Unit and complete two psychological examinations:
  • The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory #2 (MMPI-2-RF)
  • The 16PF 5th edition

Candidates should allow three to four hours to complete the testing.

The applicant will then be directed to a qualified psychologist to complete a psychological interview. The psychological interview lasts one-and-a-half to two hours. Following the interview, the psychologist will then generate a final report for the Uniform Recruiting Unit to review. A successful result is valid for one year. An applicant who is not successful at this stage of selection will be screened out of the process for one year.

How can I prepare for the interview stage of constable selection?
Applicants are encouraged to attend one of our employment information sessions. At these sessions, recruiting officers will offer candidates valuable insight into the overall selection process and discuss common applicant mistakes.
I have a letter notifying me that I am no longer under consideration for the position of police constable. Can I find out why?
In accordance with Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, York Regional Police is not required to release employment information. As such, the specific reasons for which an applicant is removed from consideration will not be disclosed.
My driving record is not very good. Can I still apply?
As a York Regional Police constable, you will be required to safely operate a motor vehicle during the course of your scheduled shift. You will be required to operate the vehicle in all types of weather conditions on any given day of the year. As such, an applicant for the Police Constable position will be expected to demonstrate safe and lawful driving habits. Applicants who have a poor/weak driving history may be deemed less competitive than other applicants who have maintained a clean driving record.

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