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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

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A front yard in twilight

What is CPTED?

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) is a philosophy that encourages the use of design to eliminate or reduce criminal behaviour. Using CPTED principles at your home or business poses a challenge for criminals and reduces your risk of becoming a victim. Small things, like ensuring trees and bushes around your property are not overgrown so criminals can use them as cover, making sure doors and windows are unobstructed so criminals can be easily seen and installing and maintaining sufficient lighting all contribute to making your home and community a safer place.

You can reduce the risk to your family, home or business by implementing some security safety tips. Every property is unique and every family is different. Speak with members of your family and assess home or business security strategies. Walk around your property, making note of any concerns. Is the security on your property sufficient to deter a thief? Will your security measures increase the chances of the culprit being caught?

CPTED tips

  • Remove/trim decorative shrubs and trees that may obstruct anyone seeing if a criminal is at your home or business.  Provide an unobstructed view of the area around your property.
  • Install fencing with a secure lockable gate to clearly define your property and prevent easy access to the back of your home.
  • Install bright security lighting, using motion detectors is a good consideration to conserve energy while providing security. 
  • Install solid-core doors on all exterior doors with deadbolt locks.
  • Secure all sheds and outbuildings, making sure they are visible from the home.