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Investigative Services

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York Regional Police Investigative Services is divided into four bureaus:

  • Intelligence Bureau
  • Major Crimes Bureau
  • Special Investigations and Support Bureau
  • Organized Crime Bureau

These bureaus are further broken down into units with specialized mandates.

Investigative Units

Auto/Cargo Theft Unit
Members of the Auto/Cargo Theft Unit investigate the theft and transportation of stolen vehicles, heavy equipment and cargo. The unit also partners with local body shops, dealerships, heavy equipment and construction companies to raise awareness around potential security concerns and scams.
Crimes Against Children Unit
The Crimes Against Children Unit investigates allegations of sexual assault, physical assault and serious neglect or abandonment of children. Members of the unit also assist other units in interviewing young children and also work with Children's Aid Society of York Region.
Drugs and Vice Unit

The Drugs and Vice Unit investigates the production and manufacturing of controlled drugs and substances. The unit also deals with prescription drug fraud, prostitution, adult entertainment, liquor licence, gambling and gaming offences.

Are you a victim, or do you know a victim of human trafficking? Learn more about human trafficking.

Forensic Identification Unit 
The Forensic Identification Unit collects and analyzes forensic evidence to identify people linked to crime through digital imaging, videotaping and other methods. The unit consists of several teams, each with its own specialization:
Archaeological Recovery Team
The Archaeological Recovery Team investigates found human remains and assists with ground searches to locate evidence in criminal investigations.
Forensic Video Analysts
Forensic Video Analysts examine, compare and evaluate video evidence in criminal investigations. Aside from analyzing video, the team also converts analog and digital video into formats to be used in investigations and prepares Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) footage for court.
Technical Data Recovery 
The Technical Data Recovery section conducts forensic examinations of computers and mobile devices. Members of Technical Data Recovery also serve as experts in the field of computer forensics and provide presentations on cybercrime and cyberbullying.
High-Risk Offenders Unit
The High-Risk Offenders Unit manages high-risk known offenders, ensuring they comply with court orders and preventing further crimes. Members work in conjunction with other York Regional Police units and other agencies, including Correctional Service Canada and provincial probation and parole offices. They also monitor both federal and provincial sex offender registries.
Hold-Up Unit
The Hold-Up Unit investigates violent robberies, carjackings, home invasions and robberies of financial institutions and armoured vehicles. Members also track suspects, gather evidence, perform surveillance and execute search warrants leading to the arrest of dangerous criminals.
Homicide Unit

The Homicide Unit leads all current and historic murder investigations. Their work includes missing person cases where foul play is suspected, or cases involving the death of a child under five years old.

Do you want to help solve a crime? See York Regional Police cold case files.

Integrated Domestic Violence Unit

The Integrated Domestic Violence Unit (IDVU) responds to reports of domestic violence between intimate partners and reviews all domestic-related occurrences regardless of whether charges have been laid. Members of the unit also connect with various community groups and outside agencies to develop training and education in an effort to eliminate domestic violence.


For more resources on domestic violence, visit Safetybound, a joint-effort from York Regional Police, Victim Services of York Region and the provincial government.

Major Fraud Unit

The Major Fraud Unit investigates incidents of fraud, forgery, counterfeit money, social assistance fraud and forged bank cards. The unit also works with members of Community Services to help educate the public in avoiding falling victim to fraud.


Please review our Fraud Prevention information to help safeguard yourself against various frauds.

Sexual Assault Unit
 The Sexual Assault Unit investigates a range of sex crimes including sexual assault, sexual exploitation and invitations to sexual touching.