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Family Issues

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Officer kneeling down talking to child in the back of a cruiser

It's inevitable; all families will have arguments from time to time. How you deal with them is what makes the biggest difference.

  • Take some time to cool off before trying to discuss the situation, that way you don't say something you might regret
  • Listen to each other. When conflicts arise, it's important for each member of the family to be heard
  • Talk in a respectful manner. Nothing can escalate a situation more than when someone feels they are being disrespected or not being taken seriously
  • Work together to figure out a solution to a problem. Everyone needs to be open to compromise
  • Reach out for additional help if needed. Some issues are harder to deal with than others and families might need to rely on an outside resource for assistance. You can often talk to your family doctor or school counsellor for a list of resources