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Is the Auxiliary Unit right for you?

Auxiliaries volunteer to go shoulder to shoulder with officers on the frontline, helping to support police operations across the region. They represent our police service with enthusiasm and pride. While they're not paid for their time, this volunteer opportunity pays dividends in the form of personal and professional development.

Auxiliary applicant information

What do auxiliaries do?

Auxiliary members participate in community-based crime prevention initiatives and ground searches for lost or missing people. They also volunteer at community events such as parades, fairs and assisting in car and foot patrols.

Specific duties include:

  • Responding to emergencies and disasters
  • Participating in community-based crime prevention initiatives
  • Controlling traffic or large crowds
  • Conducting patrol alongside frontline officers
  • Searching for missing people

On duty, auxiliary members must:

  • Obey lawful orders implicitly
  • Dress and behave as a member of a disciplined organization
  • Conform to the Rules and Regulations of the Police Service Act and York Regional Police

Auxiliary officers are classified as civilians and are only granted citizen's powers of arrest upon completion of training. While auxiliary members are not issued firearms, they are fully trained in their use and must be capable of handling firearms in unusual or critical circumstances.